We transcribe/convert all video formats and film to Digital discs. VHS, 8mm film with or without sound. Video camera tapes in various formats can also be transferred to DVD.

Preserving your memories!!! 

Do you have an old shoebox with black and white or colour films that your parents or grandparents took before you were born and you would love to know what is on them?  Don't delay as the longer you do the more they will deteriorate!

Correcting old 'Red' Instamatic Photographs to their correct colouring and cleaning up the speckles!

Your old colour slides and B&W negatives that are gathering dust in that old box under your bed.  We transfer them to CD for you before it is too late.   We also edit them for you as an extra service by cleaning up all the specks of dirt and dust, and negatives that you thought were too dark to recognize the people suddenly come to life!

Contact us at:

Laurette  -  0722783732 (Photographer & Photo Editor)

Transferring old colour slides to Disc with correction and editing to clean up and correct the colour!

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